The Recôncavo comes to Pelourinho

Like Birnam Wood bearing music and dance!

Saturday & Sunday, November 26th and 27th, will see the Festival de Cultura Popular in Salvador’s Centro Histórico (the festival actually begins on the evening of Friday, the 25th, at a Mass in the church in the Largo do Pelourinho, which will include members of Cachoeira’s Irmandade da Boa Morte).

There will be charangas (processions) and chula and samba de roda in the Largo do Cruzeiro de São Francisco (off of the Terreiro de Jesus)…

This will be a concentrated manifestation of the true African Soul of Brazil, directly from the place where so much of Brazil in many senses began.

See you there!

“Sertão” in Porto da Barra

Doug Adair’s HOT DOUGIE’S in Porto da Barra is a swirl in the cultural cauldron which is Brazil’s nordeste (Northeast, but the term carries powerful cultural connotations in Brazil, not simply geographical)…

Singer/violeiro Shalom Adonai and pandeirista Luís Pandeiro de Prata manifest the music of this incandescent region, beginning at 6 p.m., Friday, November 11th, 2022.

Address: Av. Sete de Setembro, 3651 – Barra, Salvador – BA

Sertão in Salvador's Porto da Barra

Festival Salvador Jazz 2022

The roots of jazz are intimately entwined with the roots of samba, and the two genres have again melded in Brazil… Salvador’s Festival Salvador Jazz in the neighborhood of Rio Vermelho presents some superb musicians empowering their versions of continent-spanning jazz with Afro-Brazilian polyrhythms. Pradarum is a group led by Gabi Guedes, alabê of the Gantois house of candomblé. Orkestra Afrosinfônica features superb percussionists and instrumentalists. Amaro Freitas of Pernambuco is a stratospheric talent!

Festival Salvador Jazz

Samba da Democracia in Pelourinho, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Samba da Democracia in Pelourinho, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Samba da Democracia is Pedrão Abib and colleagues playing/singing the highest quality samba … here at the Movimento Sem Terra headquarters in Salvador’s Centro Histórica (Pelourinho).

Great music, great crowd, cerveja and cachaça sold on the premises. No charge for entrance. The “venue” is a little too well lit maybe, but this doesn’t detract from its spirit.

Every Thursday, for now.

Opening Trio for Salvador Carnival 2023 has been Announced

Salvador mayor Bruno Reis has announced the first trio to venture forth in Carnival Salvador 2023 — on the Dodô (Barra/Ondina) circuit — and it will be … Ivete Sangalo.

Ivete-pop has for quite some years now been standard fare during Salvador’s Carnival, Salvador’s New Year’s Eve festivities, etc etc…and she continues to be a viable attraction for clamoring hordes.

The rolling event has been christened “Pipoca da Veveta”, “Veveta” a child-like “diminuation” of “Ivete”, and”pipoca” — which translates to “popcorn” — referring to the fact that there will be no rope boundary surrounding the trio (customary to separate paying customers inside the rope from the jumping up-and-down pipoca outside the rope).

This ain’t buzz… it’s more like fizz.