Portuguese Lessons & Classes in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Lessons / classes in Brazilian Portuguese at all levels (from Oi! — Hi! — to business to literary) here in Salvador may be had with Inaê Sodré. Inaê has a degree in Letras from the Federal University of Bahia, and a masters in Language Studies from UNEB, the state university of Bahia. Inaê is also a published poet and a recorded singer, the latter as a backup singer on recordings by her father, the vastly redoubtable Raymundo Sodré of deep Bahian roots.

Portuguese language teacher Inaê Sodré
Professor Inaê Sodré

Inaê (pronounced ee (rhymes with me) – ny (rhymes with my) – EY (rhymes with the letter “A”) may be contacted as follows: inaesodre@gmail.com +55 71 9 8528-9003 (whatsapp & telephone)