Opening Trio for Salvador Carnival 2023 has been Announced

Salvador mayor Bruno Reis has announced the first trio to venture forth in Carnival Salvador 2023 — on the Dodô (Barra/Ondina) circuit — and it will be … Ivete Sangalo.

Ivete-pop has for quite some years now been standard fare during Salvador’s Carnival, Salvador’s New Year’s Eve festivities, etc etc…and she continues to be a viable attraction for clamoring hordes.

The rolling event has been christened “Pipoca da Veveta”, “Veveta” a child-like “diminuation” of “Ivete”, and”pipoca” — which translates to “popcorn” — referring to the fact that there will be no rope boundary surrounding the trio (customary to separate paying customers inside the rope from the jumping up-and-down pipoca outside the rope).

This ain’t buzz… it’s more like fizz.